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Statistics Test as per your Viva Report

There are some questions you need to solve. Don't open your book and don't copy from another students. Write it in your own language or in English.

  1. What is standard deviation, and how is it used in practice?

  2. What is a confidence interval. Write down any example of yours?

  3. What is a z-score?

  4. What is a p-value and how is it used in hypothesis testing?

  5. What is a statistical mean and how is it calculated?

  6. What is a statistical median and how is it calculated?

  7. What is a statistical mode and how is it calculated?

  8. What is the definition of Normal Distribution?

  9. How do you calculate standard deviation and variance?

  10. How many types of tests in statistics?

  11. What is Standard Error?

  12. What is Sample Variations?

  13. What is Fourth Moment of Business?

  14. What is the Principle of Parsimony?

  15. There are two types of Statistics. What are they?

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