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Django REST API Project Setup and Installation steps

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Django REST API Project Setup and Installation steps

  1. Download and Install GitBash.

  2. Go to gitbash and run to check

git - -version

3. Run on gitbash

git config - -global “

Note:Write your own email.

4. Git config - - global “xyz”

Note:Write your own username.

  1. Download and install virtualbox from → go to windows host and click to download

  2. Download and install vagrant go to →

  3. Download and Install Atom search for this in google

  4. Download and install ModHeader for chrome extension and add it to chrome as a extension.

  5. Create account on GitHub.

Setting Project

  1. Create windows folder DRF

  2. Create project folder accounts-rest-api inside DRF folder

Setting GIT Project

  1. Open project folder accounts-rest-api in atom editor

  2. Create file in it from Atom editor only

  3. Create file gitignore in project folder and copy the contents from here

{ This file makes sure not to add unwanted files in ur git }

  1. Create file LICENSE in ur project folder and copy the license from here

  2. Now close the atom and re open it

  3. Now run the following commands from gitbash

  4. git add .

  5. This will add all the newly files u have created , repeat this step every time when u created or add new files in ur project

  6. git commit -am “Initial commit”

It describes the changes u have made where a means all and m means message for future reference.

Pushing the code to github

To link ur project to ur github account generate ssh key as we have learn in linux. Run the following command on gitbash

  1. ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “”

Write ur own. Install the keys in ur windows home folder only do not change the path, remember the path it may look like /c/User/sample/

  1. Create Git Account on with same email id and login

  2. ls /c/Users/Lenovo/.ssh/id_pub.rsa

  3. cat /c/Users/Lenovo/.ssh/id_pub.rsa

  4. Go to → login → settings → SSH and GPG key tab and add ur sshkey there to access passwordless communication

  5. Create New Repository in github

  6. git add --all

  7. git commit -m "Initial comment"

  8. git remote add origin

  9. git branch -M main

  10. git push -u origin main

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